Higher Than Hope
Our Weight Loss Program
Our vast experience in this field has helped us understand what exactly you look for in a weight loss program. As needs differ from person to person we design individualized weight loss program that match your requirements and expectations.

Years of medical research has concluded that till date the best way to tackle obesity is to have nutritionally well balanced meals, physically active life and continuous motivation. In line with these recommendations we use integrated approach of nutritional therapy, physical activity and counseling to help you loss weight, get in shape and lead both physically and mentally healthy and active life.

Our weight reducation program is of three months. Initially you have to join for three months. Further extension is given depending on your obesity or desire. We first find out the root cause of obesity in you. It may be due to sedentary lifestyle, over-eating, side effect of some medicine, some existing medical problems, post-pregnancy weight gain or combination of two or more factors. Then we attack the cause using our integrated approach of nutritional therapy, physical activity and counseling.

Our program revolves around healthy nutritious meals and healthy lifestyle habits. We give you right combination of foods which improves your digestion, absorption and elimination system and regulates your metabolism. We create harmony between your internal body and external environment and thereby help to keep-off excess weight permanently.

Slient Features of Our Weight Loss Program :
  • Based on the latest nutrition, health and weight management research.
  • Program is designed taking into consideration your like- dislike, schedule, appetite and even your social background so following it becomes very easy.
  • You don’t have to remain hungry! You have to eat 5-8 meals a day.
  • We do not give monotonous eating program. We include hundreds of recipes so you never get bored with the same food.
  • We don’t give any food packets, tablets, medicines or artificial foods for the purpose of weight reduction.
  • Special weight reduction program for thyroid, diabetes and coronary heart problem patients.
What Happens in Our Consultation :
Consider your consultant as your best friend in your effort to achieve weight-loss and health goals. Your each consultation with us, improves your knowledge about Foods & Nutrition and helps you understand working of your body. During each consultation the consultant will :

  • Review your progress
  • Address any challenges that you may have
  • Help you with menu planning
  • Offer you weight-loss tips and techniques
  • Give you options and strategies for handling potentially challenging situations such as dining out, travelling, stress, unplanned events etc.
  • Consultant will continue to guide and support you through critical transition from weight-loss to weight maintenance.
Goals of Our Weight Loss Program :
  • To help you achieve good health
  • To help you achieve healthy weight loss
  • To help you maintain lost weight in long-term
In our three months program you can expect to lose 10-15% of your current weight. Remember losing more than recommended 10-15% is not medically advisable and can have adverse effects on your health including lackluster skin, decreased stamina, low immunity, excessive loss of muscles, gallstone etc. Moreover very rapidly lost weight cannot be maintained for long.

Benefits of Our Weight Loss Program :
  • Loss of Inches and Loss of Body Fat
  • Increased Energy
  • Balanced Hormones
  • Reduced Health Risks
  • Better Sleep Patterns
  • Genuine Beauty from the Inside Out
  • More Self-Confidence
  • Younger Looking Skin
  • Lower Blood Pressure & Lower Cholesterol
  • Significant Stress Relief
  • Diminished Food Cravings
  • Increased Strength & Stamina
  • Improved Outlook on Life with Positive Self Talk