Higher Than Hope
My name is Bharti Tulsiani And I would like to tell you the journey of my weight very frankly I have tried numerous diets, online diets, starvation diets and diets by well known dieticians if india. I lost weight but after stopping the diet I always ended by putting on a bit more than I had lost and my skin always ended up looking very tired and I looked and felt weak. Once I met a friend of mine who had lost tremendous weight with younger looking and glowing skin, she recommended I go to Kalpana Shukla ...... Kalpana Shukla is not just a dietician, she is a nutritionist in the real sense of the word and does not keep you on a starvation diet, it's all about everlasting results with a change in ones life style. I started following her diet as I was convinced after personally meeting her. In a month I lost 3 kgs and very glowing skin and in the next few months lost inches and weight that I never imagined would lose. The best thing about this diet is that one does not feel he or she is on a diet. It is just a SMALL change in ones lifestyle with BIG results. My Personal Thanks to Kalpana Shukla and her entire team for awakening the essence of healthy lifestyle and cultivating it in me
I got married.I went into a nuclear family out of country. I loved cooking soo I cooked by experimenting and ended up making different varieties. I wanted to make tasty food and therefore ended up adding lots of oil and ghee in everything I cooked. I would make sweets and fried stuff every alternate day. My cravings also increased for sweets and more junk food. I used to feel tired all the time how much ever I ate. I felt low and depressed for no reason at times. I gained a few more kilos due to this unhealthy lifestyle. Losing weight constantly lingered within my mind and so I tried different techniques by starving myself instead of exercising. The regime I followed didn’t succeed in fulfilling my desires. I would start dieting in the morning and end up overeating in the night. I decided to join a gym. Gym workout was boring and monotonous. It didn’t give me great results.I wanted to try something new. Aerobics was new to me. It was fun as I enjoyed music and dance. But it didn’t give me great results too. Nothing worked and then one of my cousin recommended me"Higher than Hope" I learned about it through their website and i gave a call singed up immediately. Dr. Kalpana was always encouraging and always answered my question and explained me my diet plan. And the diet plan she gave me are so good that i can adapted them in my regular life and would never feel like i am on a diet to be very honest it worked for me. Believe me or not i started loosing weight in first week, that encouraged me more. The diet plan were interesting and filling, i never felt hungry nor did i carve for anything nor did i felt like i was on diet. As the time past my weight was going down and down. I have never got such a great result before with all my efforts for loosing weight. I my very happy with my decision of joining "Higher than Hope". Thank you Sincerely,Vidhi Patel