Higher Than Hope
  • Cut the Veg. (Choli or Gavar or Papadi).
  • Take a katori. Cook dal and add a glass of water. Make it liquid and keep on a side.
  • Make a dough. Put all masala (salt, ajwain, haldi and mirch) in it.
  • Now put 1/2 tea spoon oil. Add mustard seeds, ajwain, ginger garlic paste, kadipatta and add liquid dal.
  • When it starts boiling add Veg.
  • Roll out the roti and make it in to square pieces.
  • Put these pieces one by one into the boiling dal.
  • Cook it in to a pressure cooker until one whistle.
  • Cut two small tomatoes in small pieces. Add salt, chilly powder, artificial sugar, lemon juice and coriander leaves.
  • Add this in to the cooked dal.
  • It is complete well balanced food. It is modification of Dal, veg., salad and rotis.